Hey, I'm Chris. Some people call me Brodan. I graduated from TCNJ with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I am passionate about software development and love working with backend services, APIs, and IoT devices. I'm also a musician, gamer, Ultimate player, and Simpsons fanatic.

Work Experience


In the Summer of 2016 I was a Tech Intern for BuzzFeed. You can read about all the interns and what they worked on here. I also won the 'Most Likely to Appear on Shark Tank' award for my hack week project 'SlackBock'. This internship was a result of my acceptance into the hackNY fellowship program.


In the Summer of 2015 I interned as a Developer Evangelist for Twilio. My job was to serve the devevloper community by demoing the company's API and empowering others to use it. I also contributed technical content to the company's blog, which you can read here.


In the Summer of 2014 I was a Software Engineering Intern for the Giesel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. I worked on the Inspire platform. This internship was a result of my participation in Dartmouth's SISMAT program.