On Winning Toreba

I've won ten prizes on Toreba to date, and I have the receipts to prove it.

On Winning Toreba

Warning: This post contains no technical information (or any real substance at all).

Every day I make sure to take five minutes out of my hectic schedule to use my daily free play on Toreba. Toreba is a mobile app on iOS and Android that lets you operate real skill cranes on your phone. The physical cranes are located in Japan and if you win a prize they ship it to you (for FREE)!

I first heard about Toreba when my favorite gaming channel, Funhaus, posted a gameplay video of it:

I quickly downloaded the app and used the five free-plays that are given to all new accounts. I didn't win anything, but my very real addiction to skill cranes (which can be traced back to my childhood) would not let me quit. I spent a few dollars on credits and so I could try a couple more times.

I still didn't win, but I soon spent enough money to earn myself a daily free-play (which I happens after you spend ~$10 on credits), and that's when I noticed my luck start to turn.


Using only my daily free-plays, I've won ten prizes on Toreba to date.

Pro-tip: The ping-pong machines give you the best chance of winning on a single play by far. I've only ever won on a claw machine once. I use a website called TorebaPrizeWatcher to check which ping-pong machines are currently running since the machines rotate very frequently.

In case you don't believe me, I have the receipts to prove it. Here is a replay of every prize I've won (most recent first):

Turning Luck Into Profit

I looked back into my Google Play purchase history and found that I spent a total of $31.44 on Toreba credits before winning on a free-play. This upset me a lot at first. How could I have let micro-transactions get the best of me? However, I forgave myself after I sold the first Dragon Quest King Slime plush I won on eBay for $42! Since then, I've been selling most of my prizes on eBay or giving them away to friends because I literally can't fit any more Toreba boxes in my apartment.

Who would have thought that this silly app would become a source of income?

Concluding Thoughts

Toreba is all about patience. I limit myself to just the one free-play per day to ensure that I don't waste another cent on this app. Winning is entirely based on luck, but it's still extremely satisfying to win every couple of weeks.

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