How To Monetize a Ghost Blog with Web Monetization

How To Monetize a Ghost Blog with Web Monetization

This post is going to be quick and easy. Web Monetization (WM) helps you get paid for your content. You can learn all about it on

If you use Ghost for your CMS/blog like I do, there's an easy way to integrate WM into all of the content being served by Ghost.

All you need to get started is a crypto-wallet that supports the Interledger Protocol. There's a limited number of options and I chose Stronghold because it was the only option at the time that could payout via USD. It now appears that Uphold is another choice with solid payout options.

Once you have a wallet chosen you need to find the payment pointer to your wallet and wrap it in a meta tag. This meta tag generator can help here. Add this new tag in the Site Header of the Code Injection section of the Ghost settings.

Remember to click Save after adding the name meta tag. That's all there is to it!

Now, any visitor using a WM Provider (Coil appears to be the only one that's publicly available right now) will stream micro-payments to you as they browse your blog. If this post was helpful let me know and follow me on Twitter @brodan_ to keep up with future blog posts.