I'll be perfectly honest, I hate 95% of streetwear brands. If you're unfamiliar with the term 'streetwear', think HUF, Supreme, Crooks & Castles, Obey; basically everything you would find inside a Zumiez store. I find most of these brands to be some combination of boring, generic, overly simplistic, and overpriced.

However, there are a few brands considered to be 'streetwear' that I am a huge fan of. If you're anything like me -- you prefer to stand out in a crowd and you love some combination of '80s and '90s fashion -- then you might enjoy the following few brands as well.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and this post is in no way being promoted or sponsored by any parties.

1. Staple Pigeon

Staple Lava Pigeon Crewneck
Pictured: Lava Pigeon Crewneck

Staple Pigeon was the first brand I encountered that actually got me interested in any form of streetwear. It also helped me realize that joggers are the most comfortable legware for any occasion.

2. Pink Dolphin

Pictured: 2012 Windbreaker

I discovered Pink Dolphin in the 'related items' section on ebay when I was looking for Staple Pigeon stuff. A well-crafted windbreaker is a one-way ticket to my heart.

3. Vandal Collective

Bel-Air Thompson Fleece Pants
Pictured: Bel-Air Thompson Fleece Pants

Vandal Collective is my most recent discovery. As soon as I saw they had a collection with 'Bel-Air' in the title, I knew they would have clothes for me.

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